Our history

A passion
that takes roots

Poggio della Dogana comes from Terra del Sole, a hill that served as a border point in the
16th century, between Pontifical Romagna and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. The farm today extends for 20 hectares on the hills of Castrocaro Terme-Terra del Sole and Brisighella, in the heart of Romagna. The characteristics of the soils are decisive for the unique style of our wines: the brown and ochre clays of Castrocaro rich in bromine, sulphur and calcium, and the sea breeze that blows from the Adriatic a few tens of kilometres up to the calcareous soils of Brisighella which provide the unmistakable sapidity.

In the wines and people of Poggio della Dogana, there are notes of passion for friendship and love for a strong and romantic land such
as Romagna.

Aldo and Paolo

Aldo and Paolo Rametta are two brothers united by a passion for the environment, wine and Romagna. orn in New Orleans and raised between the United States and Switzerland, they spent much of their lives abroad. Skilled in transforming passions into growth opportunities, the one for the environment makes them entrepreneurs in the field of renewable energy. In 2016, they took the opportunity to start a second major project with which to realise the dream of working together. So, Poggio della Dogana was started, an estate where quality wines are produced, utilising the particular conditions of the territory to enhance the native grapes and make them famous internationally.

Alongside the two brothers, Simona, Paolo’s wife, and Angela, Aldo’s wife, are respectively responsible for the administrative and communication area.

Castellucci ​

Born in 1980, at the age of twenty he began a career as a restaurateur in Santa Sofia, in his native Romagna. While he juggled between dining room and kitchen, his great passion for wine was started, to the point of obtaining the diploma of professional sommelier in 2003. After 15 years of experience as a restaurateur, he began a second working life, first as sales manager in a Romagna wine cellar. Later, he moved to England where he stayed for two years collaborating with Whole Food Market and the well-known sommelier Andrea Rinaldi.

Back in Romagna, since 2020 he has been the commercial director of Poggio della Dogana and our irreplaceable ambassador throughout the national territory.


Paola was born in Romagna in 1995 to a Tuscan mother and a Venetian father. She graduated with honours in Viticulture and Oenology and obtained the ONAV diploma as a wine taster. She spent four years between Spain, New Zealand, the United States, Australia and Chile where she honed her senses and assumed roles of responsibility in wineries. Returning to her beloved Romagna, she became attached to the local companies by assisting the oenologist Francesco Bordini in the management of the vineyards and in the production of wines. Speaking of her work, she says:
“Wine teaches you respect and patience:
you have no power over times and characteristics, it is nature that takes care of this magic.
Man can only give voice to the message contained in every single grape.”

At Poggio della Dogana, she takes care of the wine shop and the reception of wine lovers.


Our labels contain the sketches of Silvio Gordini, an artist known in the early 1900s in Emilia Romagna, the great-great-grandfather of the Ramettas.

Some of our wines take their names from the racing horses of Aldo and Paolo’s maternal grandfather’s stable, great champions remembered with much affection by the family.