Love for
the terroir

The typical Romagna enthusiasm, the vocation of the territory, the precious grapes and the skills of the team that has embraced the Poggio della Dogana project have helped create our wines.

The management of the vineyards is organic, certified at European level by Suolo e Salute.

Our mission is to balance the evolution of Romagna Sangiovese with more current tastes, respecting the tradition linked to its extraordinary terroir.

grappolo di romagna sangiovese

your roots

We believe in the importance of roots and origins. We believe in the value of “belonging” to places and respecting the territory in which we identify. We believe in the bonds between people. We want the wines of Poggio della Dogana to be interpreters of these values and to accompany your moments of joy and conviviality.

Aldo and Paolo Rametta,
brothers and owners
of Poggio della Dogana

in a glass

In the wines of Poggio della Dogana, our family roots are intertwined with the history of the Romagna wilderness, a territory to which we belong and in which we recognise the strong cultural identity and the vocation for the vineyard, which we interpret with an innovative and contemporary spirit.

beyond the riviera

The vineyards of the estate are cultivated organically and extend for 9 hectares on the hills of Castrocaro and 11 in Brisighella. The production is based exclusively on native varieties of the Romagna wilderness, between Romagna Sangiovese DOC, Romagna Albana DOCG and Romagna Trebbiano DOC.

Our wine is our way of expressing the glory and richness of our land.

Wine tours

Sharing our passion for wine, friendship, love for the family and for a vital and generous land like Romagna is the spirit that guides hospitality at Poggio della Dogana. Here you can taste the organic wines we produce, combined with the true essence of Romagna hospitality.