• Risotto with Sangiovese, red radicchio from Treviso and Taleggio

    Late radicchio from Treviso and Romagna Sangiovese, a perfect match in the kitchen, a multi-regional combination that demonstrates the versatility of the wine symbol of our territory and of our cellar, capable of combining perfectly with both the typical local recipes and those of all Italian regions; both with simple everyday cooking and with the most refined gourmet dishes.

    In this risotto, which has a creamy soul of cheese and the extra touch of crispy Speck, Romagna Sangiovese participates not only as ad hoc wine pairing, but also as an ingredient, essential for the color rendering of the dish and to give it a note slightly acidic that contrasts well with the other ingredients.

    The perfect match is with our Romagna Sangiovese Superiore Doc I Quattro Bastioni, our “base” wine that we wanted to dedicate to the imposing defense blocks (Sant’Andrea, S. Martino, Santa Reparata, Santa Maria) wanted by Cosimo I and placed at the four corners of the walls about 13 meters high, which encloses the citadel of Castrocaro.

    Ingredients for 2 people

    160 g of Vialone nano rice

    1 strain of late Treviso radicchio

    1/2 glass of Romagna Sangiovese I Quattro Bastioni

    1/2 chopped shallot

    100 g of Taleggio cheese

    50 g of Speck Alto Adige Igp

    Vegetable broth to taste

    Salt and white pepper to taste

    Butter to taste


    Wash and cut the radicchio into chunks. Stew the shallot with a little butter, add the radicchio and cook for a few minutes.

    Add the rice, toast it for 1 minute and then blend with the Sangiovese.

    When the wine has completely evaporated, cook the risotto by adding the vegetable broth from time to time.

    Keep the risotto with the Taleggio cheese cut into cubes. In the meantime, sauté the Speck cut into cubes.

    Serve the risotto in deep plates, sprinkle with a few cubes of crispy speck and, finally, a sprinkling of white pepper.


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