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    Alessandro Breda, Gellius, Oderzo (TV)

    Gellius is the house of chef Alessandro Breda. Opened in 2001 in Oderzo in the province of Treviso, the restaurant winds its way through the archaeological finds of the ancient Roman city, where today the Nyù bistrot and the bar that overlooks the central square of the village also find space.
    The Gellius cuisine embodies the double soul of Breda: on the one hand experimentation, with a tradition skilfully reinvented by his hand, on the other the search for balanced flavors, in which each ingredient is chosen with logic and reasoning. A kitchen capable of expressing a sense of familiarity and sharing, where being at the table is a pampering and a pleasure, for the palate and the spirit.
    In 2005 Gellius was awarded the Michelin star.

    Risotto alla “busera” with raw prawns
    Ingredients for 4 people

    250 g Carnaroli rice

    60 g butter

    50 ml extra virgin olive oil

    800 g red prawns

    200 g tomato pulp

    150 ml white wine

    1 celery stalk

    3 shallots

    1 clove garlic

    1 chili pepper

    Thyme and rosemary to taste

    Dehydrated seaweed to taste


    Shell the prawns, remove the intestines and cut them into small pieces, then marinate with salt, pepper and a drop of extra virgin olive oil.

    Separately, in a saucepan, brown the carcasses with the concassé vegetables, the aromas and the chili pepper, blend with white wine, add the tomato and cook for 45 minutes slowly, all covered.

    Turn off and leave to rest for 15 minutes, then pass everything through a vegetable mill, bring the sauce to a boil and reduce it to obtain the right density.

    Toast the rice with a little bit of oil, wet with white wine, salt, pepper and, a little at a time, with boiling water until you have reached the cooking point.

    When cooked, remove from the heat and stir in the butter.

    Spread the “busera” sauce on 4 flat plates, pour over the rice, the marinated prawns and sprinkle with the blended dried seaweed.

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