Luciano Zazzeri, La Pineta, Marina di Bibbona (LI)

Died prematurely in 2019, the star chef was the owner of the La Pineta restaurant in Marina di Bibbona, in the province of Livorno, a cult destination for fish lovers and VIPs passing through Tuscany. Today, the sons Andrea and Daniele, who have been involved in the family business for some time, carry on the restaurant and the memory of this great cook.

Cold spagetthini with seafood, fresh tomato sauce, fish carpaccio and mullet bottarga
Ingredients for 4 people

400 g spaghettini capellini

50 g shelled clams

50 g shelled mussels

4 shelled shrimps

4 shelled small scampi

50 g baby squid

1 clove garlic

½ chili pepper

1 tuft parsley

Extra virgin olive oil q.b.

Salt and pepper q.b.

Basil q.b.

Tomatoes q.b.

Mullet bottarga q.b.

100 g di filleted fish for carpaccio (tub gurnard, tuna, bonito, sea bream, etc.)


Make a small pesto by blending the basil with oil.
Clean and shell the seafood, baby squid and shellfish.Sear all the ingredients in boiling water for 2 minutes, then put them in a bowl and season with salt, pepper, chilli pepper and garlic finely chopped, chopped parsley. Place everything in the fridge to cool for 5 minutes.Cook the pasta, cool it with water in a colander, pour it into the bowl with the seafood and turn well, mixing as much as possible, season well by adjusting with oil and salt.

Plating and presentation

In a plate, place the fresh tomato sauce at the base, roll the spaghetti and put them in the center, add the seafood and create some dots with the basil pesto, lay the carpaccio on top of the spaghetti and sprinkle everything with mullet bottarga.

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