Typical dish of the Emilian mountain, the crescentine (often called tigelle) is a leavened dough which, stuffed with salami, cheeses, pickles and pickles, becomes a real delicacy. A convivial dish par excellence, to which our Santa Reparata perfectly matches, our Sangiovese takes its name from the patroness of Terra del Sole, a young martyred during the persecutions of the Roman emperor Decius.

According to a legend (very widespread in Provence and common to that of other saints), after killing her, her tormentors would have put her body on a boat then drifted: the boat, guided by angels, would have arrived in Nice, in France, and the body would have been buried in what later became the Sainte-Réparate cathedral. The Palio di Santa Reparata dedicates to her every year on the first Sunday of September.

Ingredients for 30 crescentine

1 kg of wheat flour “0”

500 g of warm water (or half milk and half water)

1 teaspoon salt

25 g of brewer’s yeast

extra virgin olive oil to taste


Knead the ingredients for a long time and carefully, let them rise for about three hours, then make about thirty balls from the dough, roll them out with a rolling pin about 2 centimeters thick and leave them to rest, covered, for a quarter of an hour.

At this point, cook the crescentine with “irons”, the characteristic pair of iron discs with long handles, or between the refractory plates.

Crescentine are excellent served very hot and accompanied by stewed meats (chicken or rabbit alla cacciatora), cold cuts and cheeses or the traditional pancetta pesto.



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